Rare University
Additional Rare Disease Education

Our Mission and Our Partnership


“Together with Global Genes, Rare University will measurably improve the state of rare disease education and advocacy.” ~ Robert Rosenbloom, PlatformQ Health CEO


Rare diseases impact 1 in 10 in the US and 350 million worldwide. And while each disease is rare, about 80% are due to a genetic disorder. Together they define a group of over 7,300 ailments from Alzheimers to Zygomycosis.

Accurate and clinically valid education, including breakthroughs in research and development, is one of the most valuable tools anyone facing a rare disease can have. Rare University is dedicated to aligning and exponentially increasing the availability of sound educational resources for patients, caregivers, advocates and clinicians.

Launched as a partnership between Global Genes and PlatformQ Health, Rare University will feature live and on demand programs with rare disease experts covering everything from research updates and treatment protocols to insurance pathways and drug development.

Global Genes and PlatformQ Health bring complementary strengths to the Rare University partnership. Where Global Genes leads as an advocacy organization for patients and families fighting rare and genetic diseases, PlatformQ Health is a leader in providing online continuing medical education in a variety of therapeutic areas.

“Education is a catalyst for success and a driver of change,” says Global Genes CEO Nicole Boice. “In our desire to increase patient impact, we look to other innovators to help us meet the needs of this community. We are honored to be collaborating with PlatformQ Health on Rare University.”

Rare University’s inaugural program will live stream Global Genes’ Fifth Annual RARE Patient Advocacy Summit, with two special sessions placed in our interactive virtual learning environment. 

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