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Understanding Drug Development

Free 12-Lesson Course

Designed for Rare Disease Patients and Advocates

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A Global Genes initiative that aims to support individuals affected by rare diseases

From discovery and development to clinical research and review, the process of developing new drug therapies is long and complex. And, while it offers some unique opportunities, developing the urgently needed drugs for rare diseases also poses some unique challenges.

This free 12-lesson course was designed to help rare disease patients, caregivers and advocates understand the drug development process and what's unique about the development of drugs for rare conditions, including the valuable role of rare disease patients.

We'll be rolling out the full course over the next few months in three-lesson segments. If you or someone you care for has a rare disease, please register to watch lessons 1 - 3 of the program and receive an email when new courses are available.

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Understanding Drug Development

  • Lesson 1

    Introduction to the Course
    6 minutes

  • Lesson 2

    Key Stages of Drug Development
    13 minutes

  • Lesson 3

    The Role of Patients
    17 minutes


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