The aim of this course is to help you understand the drug development process; where the journey begins and the key stages of the process, who is involved along the way and how they contribute to the process, and what challenges must be overcome. As you learn about the drug development process in this course, you’ll learn what is unique about the development of drugs for rare conditions. You’ll also learn about the valuable role of rare disease patients throughout the drug development process.

Rare disease patients have become a true driving force for progress, funding important research, creating collaborative networks and shaping laws and policies. Throughout the course we’ll show you how patients and patient advocates are making enormous contributions in drug development for rare diseases. You’ll be able to use that knowledge right away, for example when you speak with a doctor or other patients. Once you understand the basics, you can more easily begin to learn about the specific aspects of drug development that interest you the most.

On behalf of Global Genes and everyone who has helped to create the ‘Understanding Drug Development’ course we welcome you and wish you a great learning experience! We hope to inspire and empower you to realize your potential for driving progress in rare disease!

Cost: Free
Instruction Type: Self-Paced
Total Course Duration: ~2-4 hr
Lessons: 12
Certificate: No