This course has been developed specifically for people who need to learn more about a genetic disease that affects them or someone they love.

Whether you are at the very start of your journey or further along, this course is designed to help you in three ways; to help you understand more about the concepts of genetics that are relevant to rare diseases and how they may apply in the rare disease that impacts you, to provide you with some skills and tools to be able to use these concepts in situations – like taking to doctors, other family members or when trying to understand what options are out there and what’s right for you, and finally, to help you feel more confident in your own knowledge and in situations you may encounter on your journey.

Each section contains lessons that include videos and workbooks. These sections reflect some broad issues that people affected by rare disease often encounter: Genetic Concepts For Rare Disease, Heredity and Family, Genetic Testing, and Scientific Advances.

We encourage you to choose your own learning adventure in this course. We know that finding time to learn can be a struggle and that what really matters to you about genetics is what it means in the disease that impacts you. Feel free to start with the subjects that you are most interested in and move on to other subjects as your interest and knowledge grows. You can do the course alone, or get together with others to learn as a group. There is no right or wrong way to take this course.

On behalf of Global Genes and Rare University, we welcome you to this course, to our community and wish you a great learning experience!

Cost: Free
Instruction Type: Self-Paced
Total Course Duration: ~6-8 hr
Sections: 4
Certificate: No